Thursday, April 11, 2013

Adversity.  Trials.  Struggles. 

Those are all going to happen in our lives.  We are human.  It is part of why we are here.  I don't think there is anyone who loves to have a trial.  But it is through our trials and struggles that we become stronger, better people.  We can learn to appreciate the good things in our lives, like family and friends.  With out adversity, we would not appreciate the good times or learn as much about our selves. 

We each have our own set of struggles, sometimes designed that way, sometimes we bring it upon ourselves or get ourselves into our own "messes."  How often have you looked at someone and thought, "they have it so easy?"  or "Look how stupid they are..."  A speaker at a funeral said it is a wise thing to not judge someone or compare them to yourself.  He used life as a test.  Where you may be on question 58  out of 100 on your test of life, then you glance over at your neighbor and they are only on question number 2.  One may think they are much more ahead or better off.  However, you may have 100 easy multiple choice questions and your neighbor only has three very difficult to answer essay questions. 

Each of us is unique.  Here on earth with unique talents and abilities.  It is always wise to not compare yourself to someone else.  Instead, compare yourself to yourself.  If you are not a better you today than you were yesterday, you have work to do.  It is through those trials and struggles that you can develop your character and become better, be more happy, live a more abundant life.

Or you can let those experiences destroy you.  You can become embittered.  You can say, "why me" and wallow in your pity.  I truly hope no one chooses this option, this option is not the purpose in life.

The purpose in life is also not to have a cushy or easy life.  You should not "coast through life"  We are meant to be challenged! 

I like to compare this to my muscles.  When I first started working out, I could hardly do much, and I was so sore the days after.  With time, the workouts I was doing became easier.  I looked different, felt different.  Those workouts were no longer a challenge for me... so I had to add weight and push a little harder.  Same cycle.  I was sore again, and then it no longer challenged me.  Then I began to like being sore after my workouts.  My friend and I would joke that we felt like we had been in a "car accident" because everything hurt, but it meant that we were improving, becoming stronger, becoming better!  It is the same with trials.

I have decided that while I don't always enjoy struggling, I am taking the time to really search my soul and look for what I should be learning and improving upon.  I am not going to complain or whine or give up.  It is my trial. Time to grow.  Time to learn.  I know that when that struggle is over I WILL be stronger, I WILL be better. 

I guess that is why I have a horrible time listening to people talk to me in a whiney, complaining tone.  Ok, yes, things may be hard, but whining or complaining is going to do absolutely nothing for you.  Of course! I would love to listen to your thoughts, feelings and struggles. I would love to help you learn and grow.  I don't want to hear the, "poor me, things are so hard" whine! 

Now the big factor in all of this is my FAITH.  I was watching, "Finding Faith in Christ" from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  In in on of the actors was discussing what faith actually was.  She said, "Faith is believing that good will come out of what ever happens."  Up until then, I was trying to use faith for a particular outcome.  It changed the way I think about my trials.  Believing that no matter what the outcome,  good will come of it and I will grow.  I may wish and desire things to go a certain way, but I need to trust my Father in Heaven and know that whatever happens, it will be best for me.